A few people have been asking what the time frames are for each portion of the trip so below is my itinerary for the next four months: April 23-May 1: A time of rest, refocusing and visiting with my sister and her family May 2: Arrive in Guinea and join the crew, my first day... Continue Reading →


I am thrilled to say that the e-mail came through today saying that I can extend my stay until August 31! This means I'll be in Pointe Noire, Congo for a month and get to experience the screenings for potential patients. Here's a Video of Guinea screenings to show you a bit of what it... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts Before I Go

Its crazy to think I'll be leaving in less than two weeks! Bags are getting packed, goodbyes are being said,¬†priorities¬†are shifting and the countdown has begun.People have been asking me if I'm getting excited and of course the answer is yes! I'm excited for the people I will meet, the stories I'll hear, the comical... Continue Reading →

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