A few people have been asking what the time frames are for each portion of the trip so below is my itinerary for the next four months:

April 23-May 1: A time of rest, refocusing and visiting with my sister and her family

May 2: Arrive in Guinea and join the crew, my first day of work will be Monday, May 6

June 2: end of 2012/2013 Field Service, depart from Conakry, Guinea

June 7: arrive in Canary Islands, Spain for maintenance period

July 27: end of maintenance period, depart from Canary Islands, Spain

August 9: arrive in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo for 2013/2014 Field Service

August 31: Depart from Pointe Noire to return to Seattle


As I consider that maybe, depending on my experience, this could become a long term venture, the more excited I am to be on board for a last month and first month experience as well as seeing how the ship operates and prepares for service…of being able to see a whole picture of how the ship operates and prepares for the next stage.


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