Deck 7

 Since the AFM Hospital is located on Deck 3 of the ship with no windows or outside access, the patients are brought up to Deck 7 twice a day to spend time outside, breathe fresh air, play games, sit and watch a sunset, have a break from the hospital rooms and enjoy the sunshine. Since I don't get a lot... Continue Reading →

Herbert the Snail

When I was a kid I loved listening to The Music Machine record, over and over and over. And there's one song that I still remember, a life lesson from Herbert the snail that I find myself singing in my head a lot these days: "Have patience, have patience Don't be in such a hurry... Continue Reading →

Lazare’s Orphanage

Within seconds of walking through the gate I had two little girls running to me, one literally climbing up me like a tree to get in my arms, a boy toddled after them and clung to my leg, all smiles and excitement. This is Lazare's Orphanage where a Mercy Ministry team has been visiting twice... Continue Reading →

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