End of Intermission

This last week here in Scotland with my sister and her family has been a beautiful intermission, a time to refocus and prepare, and thanks to my adorable nephew, Sam, remember that simple things can be quite extraordinary. I don’t think I realized when I booked my trip in this manner how much I needed this boundary as I left one thing to start another. Traditionally in my adventures my fear of the unknown kicks in and I start to think that I don’t really want to go, that I am in fact making a big mistake, that I want nothing more than to just go home. I’m not sure whether its because I know this is where I need to be right now, or the knowledge that so many people are supporting me, or that I took time to rest, or if its a little bit of each but I am thankful to not be second guessing or worrying about my decision, to walk into this with calmness.

I would, however, appreciate prayers, good thoughts, whatever you are comfortable with as I travel. I leave tonight at 8:30pm and won’t arrive in Guinea until 8:05pm tomorrow night. In between are four airports, three connections, a six hour layover, lots of airplane food and very little sleep. All of which culminates in navigating immigration with no VISA, just exemption papers and travel documents. By the time I get to the ship and to my room I’ll have been traveling for about 26 hours and for those who know how hangry I can get, imagine Mavis on no sleep also… here’s hoping I have patience beyond measure!

I have no clue how quickly I’ll be able to access the internet onboard so I’ll just say check the news on Thursday night, no airplane crashes mean I made there ok 😉




6 thoughts on “End of Intermission

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  1. God is with you sister. He will make your path smooth as you journey towards an adventure and the beginning of helping a lot of people. Praying for your safety and transition to this new place!

  2. Travel safe! And on behalf of your fellow travellers who dont know hangry, please carry snacks 🙂

  3. Praying for you as you travel and begin this new adventure! Excited to hear about what God will do in and through you in the coming months!

  4. I heard those moments of rest, breath, and pause called “selah moments” once. I love that you had a chance to prepare yourself before heading out on this wonderful adventure!

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