Deck 7

Fodi (18913) relaxes in the sunshine on Deck 7 Since the AFM Hospital is located on Deck 3 of the ship with no windows or outside access, the patients are brought up to Deck 7 twice a day to spend time outside, breathe fresh air, play games, sit and watch a sunset, have a break from the hospital rooms and enjoy the sunshine.

Credit Photo: Michelle Murrey;

Since I don’t get a lot of time directly with the patients I try to sneak in anything I can get and sunsets are one of these times. Countless times I’ve had the chance to stop and connect with one or more as I make my way to the top deck to watch the sunset. Most times I just smile and shake hands, maybe try to make small talk which usually ends in confusion and laughter. It might be brief but I’m thankful for the chance to look these beautiful people in the eye and smile, hold their hand and let them know they are loved and valued.

Credit Photo: Michelle Murrey;


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