“Oh you’re the Starbucks girl!”

  In my eight years the Bux I've seen plenty of customers come in desperate for a good cup of coffee, heard their thank you's and seen their relived smiles at getting their perfect morning coffee. But this is the first time I have had people literally seek me out to say thank you for... Continue Reading →

Chaka Waka

I've discovered already how easy it is to go stir crazy on board the ship. And I am so thankful that we are able to go out and experience the culture and breathe some "fresh" air. A favorite spot of mine, and many others here, is Chaka Waka. Its a beach front food truck with... Continue Reading →

Hope Center

Part of Mercy Ships ongoing patient care is providingĀ a place to stay for discharged patients and their caregivers who live too far to come back for outpatient care. Mercy has renovated and refurbished a wing of a local hospital to make it livable for the patients and has staffed it with crew and day workers.... Continue Reading →

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