And Now We Say Goodbye

It’s been a long week. Saying goodbye is never easy, never fun, and always a little sad. Last Sunday I waved goodbye to my new friends as they drove off to different adventures around the globe. The hope is always that we all see each other again but its still a teary farewell. Surprisingly friendships built in a communal living incubator grow faster and stronger than most and its just as difficult to say so long to friends you’ve known for three weeks as it is for those you’ve known three years.

IMG_20130526_225130  But I wish these lovely ladies happy travels and many adventures!  IMAG2205

It was also a time to say goodbye to Guinea. Even though I’ve only been here one month, I love this place and I think a piece of my heart will stay there. The people are incredibly friendly, the culture is easy, the food is good, the sunsets amazing and their joy and faith is enviable. The country hosted a thank you event for us, complete with speeches, awards and some wonderful performances–cirque type acts, acrobats, local hip hop artists, traditional drum performance and more.


IMAG2256 Our bus convoy to and from the People’s Palace for the event. Complete with police escort.

The rest of the week was spent packing up storerooms, securing loose items, stowaway watches and searches, fire and emergency drills and a few more goodbyes. All leading up to our last morning in Conakry on Saturday. The gangway was pulled up and the Land Rovers were tucked in on Deck 8, the dock was empty and all crew was out waving goodbye to the city we’ve loved serving for the last ten months. I didn’t think I’d get too emotional but as we sailed out of the harbor, passing ships and hundreds of people waving goodbye I’ll admit I teared up just a bit, wishing I had more time here.

IMAG2281 IMAG2364  IMAG2317IMAG2345 The last two glimpses of Guinea. IMAG2348

And now we sail off into the sunset and on to the next adventure in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.


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