Georgia On My Mind

Before I left for Africa I wrote down three hopes I had for my time on the ship. One of those hopes is that I will discern what I want to be when I grow up. No clarity yet but options are unfolding that find me wondering what if. The other day I was talking with a friend and she mentioned that her parents run a youth venue that provides a safe place for teens to go; concerts on the weekend, job placements and training,  Sunday services and other events.

My heart skipped a beat as she was telling me this.

Rewind almost nine years ago to sitting in a lecture at Capernwray and being struck with a vision of creating a community space for at risk youth… providing job training, walking alongside teen moms, free counseling and support…in short a place where all are welcomed and where love defines the space. For years its been in the back of mind and I’ve dreamed about it from time to time, what it would look like, how to get it started, etc. But it always overwhelmed me just thinking about trying to even get the money for a building, let alone going about finding people to work it and breathing life into the vision.

During my conversation the other day I started dreaming again of what could be. I asked my friend if they need help. Immediately she said yes. And the wheels started turning, could this be the next step for me? Work with this existing program for a few years gaining experience and ideas to then take with me and start Veritas?

This might be nothing or it might be something great, either way its an opportunity. And knowing that coincidences are quite rare, now I’m mulling and thinking maybe I need to take a trip to Georgia when I get back.

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