Sailing is a whole lot of breath taking beauty but there are some not so exciting things as well. Like being cooped up in a tin can for 14 days with constant rolling and shuddering drops off the swells (one three year old on the ship has decided its actually when we run over a dolphin or whale… they really should look both ways before crossing the ocean). Imagine the worst turbulence you’ve experienced, now add that to a memory of big roller coaster. Welcome to being on board the Africa Mercy’s sail to Congo!

But there are some moments that no camera and no words can truly describe the beauty of what God has created.The other night was one such moment; while out on Deck 8 from 1am-3am I saw a canvas of stars like I’ve never seen before, I watched lightening hit miles behind us and light up the sky, I felt the warm rain on my face and listened to the crashing waves against the ship. And the whole time I was humbled by the vastness of our Creator. Each day that we’ve been sailing has had a moment in which I’m blown away that God loves enough to create a beautiful earth for our enjoyment… that he chooses to delight our senses. Standing on the bow and looking out, seeing nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see really puts into perspective how small you are and how big God is.

But this is also a time of preparation; the medical teams are in meetings, the screening team is starting to finalize plans for the day, the communications team is gearing up for VIP guests to board and tour, for news teams and crew to film  on board, each department is getting ready to welcome the day worker(s) that will be joining their team. And there seems to be a buzz in the air as we get ready for Mercy Ships first time in Congo… a new country, unsure of what to expect, a new culture to impact and the excitement that naturally comes with something new. And of course the excitement for many of us that the sail is almost over (I give myself about two more days before I go stir crazy).

Entertaining ourselves one afternoon in the Africa Mercy Boutique and spending an evening on the bow.

boutiquebow hair

desert sun

Dust storm from the Sahara has blown sand out into the Atlantic creating this stunning haze

 bow worship


Each Sunday night during the sails is worship on the bow. Carolyn and I snuck up to the bridge last week instead.

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