Homecoming Smiles

Its been a long overdue blog and to be honest the last two weeks have mostly been catching up with friends and settling into my new role as Head Receptionist. So I thought I’d share some of the people and moments that have made me smile since returning home.


It felt like Christmas morning the day I came home and the best part was seeing Lisa waiting for me on the dock.



Friends that brighten my day and are a part of this crazy adventure with me

20131123-140900.jpg     20131123-140955.jpg

A friend that shares her Girl Scout cookies


Coffee from my favorite café


Officially becoming the Head Receptionist


Making Mater, Tater and Gator while making the crew laugh during the AFM Chopped! competition

20131123-140832.jpg      20131123-140804.jpg

 Sugar Bear 20131123-140756.jpg Honey Boo


African sunsets and the view from Deck 8

20131123-144141.jpg 20131123-144114.jpg

Blueberry muffin pancakes and eggs for Saturday brunch


My bright and happy little space


And the little notes you find randomly around the ship at just the right moment


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