Location. Location. Location.

I love my new job.

And one of the best perks of my job is the location. Obviously the Reception desk is located right next to the ship entrance but its also located just above the forward stairs that lead to the Hospital. And I like to think of it as one of the best locations on the ship.


On one of my first shifts I saw a patient arrive. My heart did flips when I realized why I recognized him, I’d seen him at Selection Day… He wasn’t my The One but I was his patient escort after he received his “Yes” card and I saw him after hours had passed when he was headed to the exit with his yellow appointment card. To get to see him walk through our front doors with a smile bigger than Texas on his face almost brought tears to my eyes. The next time he walks through those doors his life will have been changed.

Every day I get to look up and see patients being escorted up or down these stairs. This morning on my shift I heard the other receptionist say, “Hey, she needs some encouragement.” I looked up and there was a little girl with her leg casted up and on crutches, an unsure and very timid look on her face in between grimaces of pain as she was learning to walk on crutches. Hannah, Jasmine and myself clapped and looked on with smiles and “Good job”s for the little girl. I saw her crack the subtlest of smiles as she determined hobbled along with the nurses.

Its moments like those that fill me with joy. Moments like those that make me so thankful I am here at this time. Moments like those that remind of the beauty and hope we offer people. Moments like those that make my heart smile.

The desk is also central for crew and I love getting to see crew come by. Its been my joy to offer smiles and a listening ear, to meet a need, to be a safe person for new crew to ask their “silly” questions of, to make people laugh instead of being frustrated and to just bless the crew by being available. In light of it being Thanksgiving Eve I was thinking about what I am thankful for this year and as silly or simple as it may sound… I’m thankful for my job and the people I get to see and interact with simply because of where I sit.

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