Christmas in Congo

It was a very merry and bright Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere this year!


It’s always hard to be away from family and friends during the holiday season but I will say I was blessed to experience this season with my AFM family. And while I was seeing friends from Seattle post pictures like this:

I was so thankful to be on the beach in the high 80’s on Christmas Day night… no pea coat or scarf required, just sunglasses and flip flops.


But what does Christmas on the Africa Mercy look like? When it’s a cultural hodgepodge it’s a given nothing will be exactly like traditions back home, but it was a unique opportunity to experience some different traditions from around the world.

Santa Lucia celebration


Aussie Carols by Candlelight on the dock

20131229-125008.jpg       1471278_10151779248316135_1644608573_n


Gingerbread house competition


The AFM tradition of leaving your shoe out on Christmas Eve to be filled with sweets and gifts


But the best by far was handing out clothes and shoes to a local community of widowed mothers, the look of happiness and delight on the kid’s faces and the eagerness and thankfulness on the mother’s was priceless. Being able to bless others in such a small way never gets old, never becomes a chore just a beautiful moment in time.

20131229-124923.jpg  1461835_10152108782841894_1894851477_n


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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, KJ! Praying for you as you pursue the Lord’s heart and calling on your life. I love hearing about your adventures, experiences, and lessons. Thanks for sharing and praying blessings over you this coming year!

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