Five Minute Friday

My lovely friend Ali participates in Five Minute Friday and every week I see her post and think, I should do that. So without further ado, here is my inaugural Five Minute Friday post 🙂


Today’s prompt is HERO.


Like most people I held the belief a hero was someone with some incredibly unique ability to save a person or the world. As I’ve grown I’ve discovered this is not as true as I once thought. Ask me now what defines a hero and I will tell you its the inner strength and courage of an individual who perserverers through adversity and pain.

Its the woman who walks and hitch hikes from miles away to make it to Screening Day, hope for her child to be healed. Its the child who endures great pain with little complaints.  Its the woman who gives up her well paid and secure career to come and clean toilets on a medical ship. Or the man who takes a risk and leaves home and everything he knows to serve the forgotten poor in Africa. Its the family that moves across the world to support and bless the crew while they serve on the Africa Mercy.

Its everyday people who risk greatly and take leaps, big and small, to better this world and touch the hearts and lives of the people whose paths they cross.

I am blessed to live among so many heros and be inspired by them on a daily basis.


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