1,000 Gifts (26-50)

26. My beautiful friend Rinnah (whom I miss a lot)


27. Naps

28. Late night fried eggs on toast and conversation

29. My lovely friend Dianna Cash and her refreshing and genuine heart. I love, LOVE my coffee chats with her

30. Baby Nathan on B Ward and his cuddles

Photo Credit Ruben Plomp, Nathan (CGA10566) Photo Credit Ruben Plomp, Grace ANTONINI (USA), Writer with Nathan (CGA10566)

31. A two hour phone call with Lisa full of laughter, encouragement and openness

32. The opportunity to lead the Baby Crèche Mercy Ministry until end of field service


33. Homemade guacamole

34. Italian blend Starbucks coffee in my French press

35. Uncle Ken bringing me yummy food at work over the long weekend

36. A compliment from Dr. Gary

37. Touring the Italian Navy ship

38. Celebrating a Gateway family birthday


39. This unfiltered beauty


40. A two hour chat with this dear friend from home

283292_675039249163_2708639_n41. Italian engineers coming over to volunteer on our ship helping with small projects

42. Carmen’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

43. A divinely timed conversation with Ryan Cardoza that encouraged and challenged me with the question, “Are you letting the situation control your vision?”

44. Warm rain…lots of it.

45. Running an 18 minute muster at our last fire drill and seeing the look of pride on each of the Receptionist’s faces

46. The new housekeeper, Hannah, and her visible servant’s heart that goes above and beyond the bare minimum while she cleans with a joyful smile

47. Seeing some of the kids on the ship live out 1 Timothy 4:12 by serving in the dining room

48. A lazy Sunday afternoon on the beach with friends

49. Day one of VVF

50. Getting to welcome new crew every day and be reminded of how great it feels to finally be here after dreaming, planning and travelling great distance.

new crew

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