Five Minute Friday: Small


Today the prompt is SMALL.


I have to remind myself that small things can make the same difference as big ones.

I was struggling to wonder if we have really been making a visible difference in Congo. But the other day I was reminded that no matter how small the surgery may seem it can still change a life and make a lasting impact.

One of the housekeeping day crew that I’ve gotten to know became a patient last week. I went into B Ward to visit a sweet little plastics/burn baby and walked in and saw my co-worker. He waved real big and had a huge smile on his face. I went over and talked with him for a few minutes.

We talked about his upcoming surgery and I asked if he was nervous at all, to which he replied, “A little, but I know it will be OK. I trust Mercy Ships, you all are like my family and I know they will be good.” He showed me who his surgeon would be, Dr. Tertius, and I agreed with him that he was in very good hands.

I went back down the next day after he was out of surgery, again a huge smile and we talked for a few minutes, he was so happy and didn’t mind the little pain. On his way out a few days later he stopped to say goodbye and told me he couldn’t wait to come back to work in two weeks.

He had a very simple and small surgery by comparison to the normal Mercy Ships surgeries but the result was the same… my friend left the ship with a better foot, a smile from ear to ear and a changed life.


(five minute friday)

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