Five Minute Friday: Choose

Since its still Friday in some time zones I think this still counts 🙂

Five Minute Friday|Today’s prompt is: CHOOSE


One of my favorite movies is Run Lola Run. I love it because its philosophical and looks at how each decision affects the next and the next and so on. As a thinker I tend to weigh out all the options before I make a choice, I look at the situation from all angles and based on what I find I make the best decision. Therefore of course I love the movie!

In it Lola has 20 minutes to save her boyfriend and come up with $100,000. The movie plays through the events three times, each time it is subtly different, (in one scenario she trips down the stairs, in another she jumps over the dog, in one she runs around an group of nuns, in another she runs through the group) and each time she affects the her situation differently as well as the people she interacts with.

It makes me wonder about the seemingly insignificant choices i make on a daily basis and how often times those small choices, blue stairs vs red stairs, deck 7 for lunch or mid ships, etc lead to interactions that I could never have foreseen or even thought about, a friend who I haven’t seen in a few days is walking past the blue stairs at the moment I’m coming up them and we get to catch up. Mid ships for lunch leads to a conversation with another friend in which Monday Funday is created whereas deck 7 might have led to another conversation or a nap in the sun..

Nothing earth shattering or worth over thinking, but it certainly makes daily life a bit more interesting when you think of it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book!


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