1,000 Gifts (51-75)

51. Sunday morning eggs and bacon

52. Friends who kindly go on coffee runs for me when I’m behind the desk


53. A phone call with my parents

54. My first nephew, Henry


55. Hearing Lisa’s mawmaw sing a hymn from her hospital bed

56. Meeting Genifer and Isabel in B Ward

57. Long awaited and beloved Mexican night!

58. Delicious salad made by Luke


59. Sebastian at Baby Creche mimicking faces and starting to make sounds

60. Malchiat keeps improving and growing in personality and throws tantrums… just like any normal baby 🙂

Picture 026

61. Hallway conversations

62. A full day off and sleeping in

63. Observing two awesome surgeries


64. The dynamic sense of humor in the Reception team

fellows 41815520c1beb497e87a34a24aa28bd3

65. Shannon’s posts that encourage me greatly


66. Ghurka chai tea

67. Philip, who works more hours than anyone and does so without complaint and with a smile

68. Mona and Erin… sisters from years back who continue to support and encourage me


69. Hearing the VVF ladies talk and laugh

70. Redemption stories

71. Creative birthday celebrations


72. Pinterest conversations with Nicole

73. A peaceful and quiet Sunday morning to process, journal and read my Bible

74. Red lipstick

75. Nutella crepe Monday


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  1. I LOVE these lists! I have a thankful journal that I write in regularly and it just helps so much to look for the blessings in the mundane/hard days, as well as the good days. 🙂

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