Five Minute Friday: JOY

Joy is a tricky emotion. It can look like happiness and smiles but it can also look quiet and teary.

All week long I’ve been overjoyed… great new job opportunity, clarity and a plan for the rest of the year. I’ve had blessed conversations with others, had opportunities to bless and serve those I live in community with and I got to spend a morning with my sweet little Sebastian at the Baby Creche. But yesterday a sweet friend shared some news that stopped my heart for a moment. Her long desired for son, Ethan, looks to have some issues and follow up tests are needed to determine what his future may hold.

It’s not fair.

Devastating news such as this has the power to strip us of our joy and justifiably so. But as I read Ali’s post and petition for prayers and a miracle I had to think this strong and beautiful woman carried a joy that is indefinable.. its a deep joy that only those who have weathered storms and survived know… its the quiet but bold joy that commands hope and reaches out beyond the questions and hurts and frustrations and challenges the Creator to move. Its a complex joy that will carry Ali through this dark night of the soul and will sustain her no matter the outcome.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Joy is a complex emotion. It reminds me of that idea which you touch on in your post; that one cannot have just joy. In order to understand the profound gift that joy can be in our lives we also experience sorrow, grief, fear, etc… Thanks for writing this piece.

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