1,000 Gifts (126-150)

126. A piece of birthday cake brought to me while at work

127. The authenticity, vulnerability and encouragement in Laura and Amy‘s blogs

128. The opportunity to bless Krissy as she gets ready for the SAFE Obstetric Anesthesia conference this week by taking care of some of the tasks off her very long to do list

129. Erin Kirk is finally here!


130. The continued adaptability of my Reception team

131. Finding a favorite treat… though its far from a Devil’s Playground at Mighty-O it was delicious 🙂

IMG_2747[1] IMG_2748[1]

132. A friend in America willing to bring back some items for me so I don’t have to pay the extra shipping to get them before May

133. A friend to sit and chat with the last hour of my evening shift

134. Cultural insight

135. Magnet wall art


136. French songs from a friend to help me with my French

137. Sweet treats from HR


138. All the signatures on my transfer paperwork to make it official I’m on the Advance Team

139. The way God gives clarity and peace for next steps when I’m quiet enough to listen

140. Elza and her sense of humor and company behind the desk

IMG_2693[1] IMG_2720[1]

141. …and that she brought me a cup of bacon in case it ran out before I got my lunch break.

142. Hearing the stories from the latest Gateway’s field service

143. Crew willing to step up and do anything asked of them on Sunday for the President’s visit, whether it was just to stay clear of areas on the ship or being asked to drive an official and his wife to the airport very last minute.

144. Dianna and Shea still opening the cafe on Sunday morning so the crew could be blessed with good coffee as they got ready for the event

145. Ali‘s courage to share her heart and her family’s current mountain to climb

146. The excitement and encouragement of friends and family at the news of the new path in my adventure

147. My favorite lotion brought over for me (hint: if you ever feel inclined to send something to me via  container or are coming to the ship and feel like blessing me with something… this is my favorite lotion in literally all the whole wide world and its only $3 at WalMart 😉 )


148. A quiet, rainy afternoon that reminded me of Seattle


149. The quiet and humble manner that Don Stephens carries himself and the way he makes you feel like a valued part of the organization… even if he’s just traveled for 24 hours or more and is exhausted.

150. Remembering just how unique my life is the daily sights and experiences I get to have

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