1,000 Gifts (151-175)

151. Enjoying Guinness and conversation on the beach while watching a thunderstorm over the Atlantic ocean

152. The deep rooted beauty, love and trust of Nick and Dianna Cash’s family story

153. Celebrating another friend and the joy she brings to the ship


154. Rediscovering Pink Martini on my night shift

155. Valerian Root to help me sleep undisturbed after my night shifts

156. A friend saving food for me so I could sleep through dinner before my first night shift

157. A perfect afternoon off the ship with beautiful friends


158. Ghurkas who protect us but also make me go on coffee breaks during the night


159.  Sebastian’s sweet smile and laugh


160. A friend willing to help fix and update my computer… even if it takes hours

161. AFM’s International Film Festival

162. The Reception team’s chance to bless the crew and serve Thursday night ice cream


163. Color. Color. Color.


163. Josh blessing the night workers by making Starbucks coffee for us

164. Waking up to a sweet and thoughtful message from Lisa

165. My adorable nephews, Peter and Stuart


166. Getting to be a guest barista one morning


167. Mail and family photos from my dad

168. What’s App and videos from my sister

169. Kansas gifting me dark chocolate


170. Last minute Sunday night ice cream runs

171. Participating in a workshop with the Advance Team and learning a bit more about the people I will be working with over the next few months

172. The news that a friend home is expecting another little baby this fall!


173. The good news from Ali while the final results are still waiting to come in

174. Jordan-isms

175. Memories and laughs shared while hitch hiking through the port

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  1. KJ, thank you for your blogs. I am seriously encouraged by your heart of thankfulness and finding all the beautiful things in the day-to-day. I am reminded of being thankful and content, no matter what the circumstances or season. You inspire me!

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