1,000 Gifts (176-200)

176. A friend who knows that sometimes, chocolate and coffee are just as comforting as a big hug


177. Lisa’s wise and encouraging words

178. Posture lessons with Esther


179. Parks and Rec marathon on MovieNight

180. Good news from Ali

181. Another stunning sunset and dinner conversation


182. A new red dress

183. Having 1am friends who are able to sit and listen and laugh with you when you need it

184. 2am lightening storms and a window to have watched it from while I fell asleep

185. Lebanese church adventure

186. Shrawmas after our Lebanese church adventure

187. Celebrating with Katie our new jobs for the Guinea field service


189. Getting to Skype into Eric and Wendy’s wedding


190. Tiramisu and rooftop conversations

191. A relaxing Friday night at Pryamid with live music

192. After hours of working on it, a friend who was able to fix my computer

193. A timely reminder from my cup of tea


194. Dianna, who listens well as I try to untangle my heart

195. Finding my Twilight mug which made my morning that much better


197. Cappuccinos from La Citronelle and missing a fire drill

198. Another day relaxing and growing a new friendship at The Atlantic Hotel


199. A phone call home to mom and dad

200.  Cabin sitting… which meant quietness and space to breathe and a big bed



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