1,000 Gifts (201-225)

A few of these ones will probably raise some questions, fret not, everything is OK and a post to explain it all will be posted tomorrow 🙂

201. Peeps!


202.  A Saturday afternoon at the market

203. An evening out with friends enjoying the warm African nights with cool breezes and lots of laughs

204. Our new receptionist Ben!


205. Introducing friends to a favorite movie

206. A hilarious and awesome gift from Lisa…

20140414-104252.jpg 20140414-104208.jpg

207. …And, my pet kangaroo and Aussie phrase book from Caitlin

208. The Book of Nice to keep my curiousity entertained while in the hospital

209. A general surgeon was on board so I didn’t need to go to America for surgery

210. Knowing who was on my surgical team and the sense of calm that gave me

211. Friends who came to sit with me and make me smile and laugh and pray over me that first night

212. The prayers of Dr. Michelle and Esther before surgery

213. Listening to ward service worship as I drifted in and out of sleep… Think I even heard it in my dreams and it was joyous

214. A guest cabin to use while I recover

215. An amazing team of lovely nurses who kept me happy and comfortable and took wonderful care of me (Esther, Amy, Elaine, and Romina)

216. Morphine. Morphine. Morphine. And a dash or two of Codeine.

217. That I can find humor in any situation

218. Friends on the ship who not only feel convicted about keeping up relationships with patients, but also look into the best way to continue to support them

219. The courage of a friend to share his story

220. Skype call with Lisa, even if only for 10 minutes


221. Forgotten God by Francis Chan

222. Beautiful sunrises to wake up to


223. A visit from the Cash family

224. A sweet note on my door


225. That not one moment of my life takes God by surprise

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