Dear Sebastian

My dear, sweet Sebastian,

Picture 013You make my heart smile, and when you curl up and rest your head against my chest I feel such a calm come over your little body and I know you can feel my love for you. I won’t forget the way you felt in my arms or the way your small hands curled around mine. I will never forget the way your face looked when you smiled or the sound of your laugh. And it absolutely breaks my heart to say goodbye. 

My great hope and prayer for you was that a family would take you in, that you would know unconditional love and know how valued you were. That a mother would rock you to sleep and hold you when you cried. That a father would take you by the hand and teach you about the world. That you would grow into a healthy, strong, confident man who would live and love well. But this fallen and unfair world failed you and in your short life you suffered much. But you were also loved much.

20140420-164212.jpgI know I’m not the only one who’s heart aches a little more today; you stole the hearts of a handful of women from the Africa Mercy, and it was our great joy to comfort you and usher you into the presence of God knowing what unconditional love feels like. We can take comfort knowing that you are now whole and healthy again, never to feel hungry, never to have labored breath and strangled coughs, never to want, never to be weak, and never to be left on a cold floor again. 

You did not pass from this world unloved and unknown. You will forever be carried in a corner of our hearts as the precious little man who’s smile melted our hearts. Sebastian, you are known, you are loved and you are not forgotten. 


On Friday afternoon we heard from the Baby Creche that Sebastian had passed away. Its one of the difficult realities of serving in this part of the world, seeing how, malnourished and lacking proper care, Sebastian and countless other babies and children slip quietly out of this world into Glory. Its easy to read a newspaper article about the tragedies a world a way but its another thing entirely to be here in the midst of one. Betsy has shared some great insights and thoughts that I encourage you read.


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  1. I continue to pray for you and the ladies that had the privilege of knowing and loving Sebastian. I know your heart is hurting and has hurt much during the last year but am so thankful that you are a woman that is not afraid to love and hurt. You are a blessing.

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