1,000 Gifts (226-250)

226. A window to watch rainstorms, sunrises and ships from


227. Daises and tulips from sweet friends


228. A good friend was with me when I heard the news about Sebastian and wasn’t uncomfortable with the tears and silence

229. That Sebastian is whole

230. Brunch with the Jones’


231. Eating dinner in the dining room

232. Dianna’s morning visits and coffee treats

233. All the visitors and meals and great conversations (Katie, Amy, Ally, Andrew, Elza, Nicole, Brenda, Ghislain, Paris, Rachel, Emmanuel, Ryan, Romina, Hannah, Kansas, Andrea, Dianna, Luke… to name a few)

234. The Advance team came together and problem solved so I could up to deck 7 and we could wash each other’s feet as a team

235. Movie Night!

236. That Nurse Lynne made house calls each day so I didn’t have to walk down to the hospital for my check-ins

237. The support and love, good thoughts and prayers from everyone here and back home

238. Friends who brought me breakfast and coffee each morning… especially the ones who aren’t very much morning people

239. A sweet card and gift of Peeps from the Reception team and Kansas


240. Hearing rain on the windows as I fell asleep


241. That even though I can’t leave the ship yet friends brought me back favorite foods from the outside

242. Discovering Andy Stanley

243. Getting to attend part of Easter service

244. Paris taking me for walks around deck 5 late at night

245. That Christ’s death was not in vain and that life is beautiful and abundant because he lives


246. The various ships that kept me entertained between visitors and naptime


IMG_3378[1]     IMG_3395[1]   IMG_3437[1]

247. A project to do to help prepare for Easter


248. My good friend Carrie Browne


249. Waking up from a nap to freshly baked peanut butter cookies from Rachel

250. Dessert. And Katie knowing that sometimes a dessert plate can make a frustrating day a little bit better


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