1,000 Gifts (251-275)

251. Nicole introducing me to the Miranda show…

252. …And getting lost in a Battlestar Galactica marathon

253. Katie, who continues to bless me with her loyal friendship and servant’s heart 20131019-102051.jpg

254. An encouraging devotion from my Aunt

255. Finally getting off ship, if even for just a few hours

256. Finding a way to still be a bit creative


257. Celebrating many friend’s birthdays even if we’re all far apart

258. Container day… Christmas in April!

259. Catching up with Wendy

260. Sunrise quiet times and time to reflect and process

20140428-100423.jpg 261. Chats with Lisa that can make me laugh, think and tear up 262. Photos from friends back home (Miss you guys!)

10327027_10152126601622426_1903988578_n 10299473_10152126604842426_382684741_n

263. Twix bars and Diet Cokes

264. Waking up pain free for the first time!

265. Sitting on deck 7 for an hour enjoying fresh air

266. An office to use for Rosetta Stone

267. A time of memorial prayer for Sebastian

268. The Advance team and our wonderful and steady leader, Andrea

269. Walks to the fishing boats

270. A treat plate from Open Cabin night


271. Getting back to work and seeing friendly faces

272. A proper coffee chat with Dianna

273. Yet another new book to read and go through with a friend

274. Chatting a bit with my sister and seeing the ship Sam made 🙂


275. An unexpected donation that came at just the right moment and reminded me that God will always provide and I am not forgotten

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