Five Minute Friday: Mess

Today’s prompt is: Mess.

If I were to be honest I would say my life is a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting…

Its a little messy and it doesn’t always make sense but somehow its striking and beautiful.

One year ago today I walked up the Africa Mercy gangway for the first time and entered this little community that embraces and loves messy people… those with visible tumors and those with invisible ones.

Over the last year I have seen transformations take place in our hospital yes but I’ve also seen transformations take place in our community–its impossible to leave this ship without being altered in some way.

For me the last year has been one of redemption and restoration… facing the messiness of my life and allowing healing to come in to those areas… that as I love others to accept love offered to me.

My life will never be perfect but I’d rather live a little messy and experience the beauty that can come from ashes than live safe and ordered.


Five Minute Friday

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  1. Found you on Five Minute Friday. I love this. Beauty from ashes is the perfect example of the importance of embracing mess. Thanks for this!

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