1,000 Gifts (276-300)

276. The amazing Reception team I’ve gotten to work with the last six months:



Especially my girls who serve the crew behind the desk:

277. Hannah Mullen–bright smile, big dreams and determined

278. Sarah “Kansas”–genuine and sweet servant’s heart with a friendly and warm smile

279. Sarah Paris–witty, great listener and always willing to help

280. Tierah Ellard–confident, great laugh and a heart of gold


281. And, Benjamin Orluc–friendly and a quick learner, great new receptionist behind the desk

282. Our communications team that put together a great photo booth at the bow!


283. That a decision has been made about country next… on to Benin! (An update to posted in the next day or two)

284. That the Advance team is so flexible and just rolls with the changes


285. Two hours on the phone with Lisa

286. A friend returned from an upcountry trip volunteering at a mission hospital

287. A Community meeting on transition that spoke to my heart

288. Stefan’s words of encouragement that were spoken to me in October that are still just as true today

289. A Friday night adventure out with a friend that included making friends with a security guard and of course a marriage proposal from a taxi driver

290. Nicole joining the Advance team and the laughs we are bound to have

291. A quiet Sunday to get things checked off my to do list

292. Doing laundry on my own without any help

293. A last dinner with Andrew before we both leave for our next adventures

294. Waking up to this beautiful sight


295. Giving hugging lessons in the cafe

296. Finally getting a photo of one the crabs along the beach!


297. One last dessert with the Stulls until Benin!


298. A well timed and beautifully encouraging note from Dianna

299. Visas for travel to Benin will be ready in time for our Friday departure

300. Becky’s D ward baby update and invitation to come hold some cuties and bringing a sweet little baby to visit me at Reception for a few minutes 🙂

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