1,000 Gifts (301-325)

301. Last dinners, drinks and conversations with good and trusted friends

302.  Send off party in the cafe

303. Our team being commissioned by the IOC and AFM communities

304.  Flexible leaders who made time to go over important information regarding Benin

305. Our new managing director and his wife, Roland and Carol, who make an effort to be involved and get to know the crew

306. An evening spent with long term crew

307. One last Starbucks until August made by the beautiful Charissa

308. Waking up to this:


309. Friends who wrap your luggage


310. A little gift from Seattle


311. The many beautiful faces that got up before the sun to send us off with love, prayers, hugs and smiles on the dock


312. Safe and un eventful travel from Pointe-Noire to Cotonou

313. Mangos

314. Sweet and encouraging goodbye notes

315. A guest house to stay in a safe and quiet neighborhood

316. And as silly as it may sound, I am thankful for no air conditioning

317. Finally getting internet sorted out

318. Remote IS help via Facebook when the e-mail server was down

319. A little Sunday adventure around Cotonou

320. Fresh baked bread

321. Sunday morning devotion and prayer with out little team

322. Daslin, our representative in country, and her helpful and valuable information

323. Getting to cook again and teaching Harmen and Andrea a new way to check if pasta is done

324. The peace that comes from knowing that God has chosen this team and that he has gone before us, we just need to follow

325. Coffee… Even if it isn’t high quality it still gets the job done 🙂


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  1. You know what, sis? As I read this, I can’t help but think that your journey with the Advance Team is God opening doors for you that no man can shut; I get the feeling this is the start of something special for you in your life and something that will bring more blessing than you may be able to presently know. God’s placement of you on this team was very strategic; this is going to bring new levels and blessing for you in your life. I am committed to praying for you over here, as the Lord brings you to mind. This is the start of something wonderful for you! Enjoy the ride. You will be EXCELLENT at this- don’t doubt it!! —Procurement Beth at the IOC 🙂

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