1,000 Gifts (326-350)

326. Fan Ice on hot afternoons


327. A relaxing Sunday after a busy week

328. Productive meetings with the Minister of Health and Minister of Maritime Affairs

329. Beautiful views



330. Kirstie’s weekend visit

331. Meeting Regina, Kirstie’s patient and friend from years ago, hearing her story and the confidence and deep beauty in her life

332. Grimaldi’s extra offer to help us

333. Bank account set up and good to go

334. Thai food!


335. Ceiling fans and breezes through the window

336. Water, water, water

337. Cold showers on hot nights

338. Seeing this little cutie and my beautiful sister


339. Messages from friends on the ship

340. Mangos! (And Philip who cuts it up for us each time)

341. Movie night with the team

342. An hour of 90 second chats with Lisa

343. Yogurt and muesli breakfasts and morning devotions

344. Paved roads

345. Flexible team members that wait an extra two hours for Andrea and I because we got pulled into extra meetings

346. Sleeping in

347. Armelle, the girl who works at the corner store and the French/English lessons we had

348. Seeing happy kids run through the streets with big smiles and loud laughs, pointing and saying “Yovo, Yovo!” (White person)

349. Egg and avocado sandwiches on fresh bread

350. Two generous donations from unexpected or unknown people… Merci Beaucoup!

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