1,000 Gifts (351-375)

351. Celebrating Harmen and Philip’s birthday


352. An actual day off and Criminal Minds, season 1

353. That it only took me 20 minutes to kill two rather large and icky bugs in my bathroom…


354. …And for the bug spray I found to keep them away now.

355. We have a team house and we move in on Wednesday!

356. Playing a mix of hide and go seek and peek a boo with the little kids next door to the team house


357. Getting to chat with the ever lovely Katie Love for a little bit

358. Pineapple, expertly cut by Monsieur Valk


359. That in addition to cutting up fruit, Harmen drives us to and fro everyday without complaint, even on the terrible, horrible p, no good, very bad beach road.

360. That we only have two more days driving on said beach road

361. Visiting Daslin’s church on Sunday and getting pulled up to participate in the Mother’s Day celebration and dancing

362. A long nap on a quiet and still afternoon

363. Our fantastic translator and driver, Enoch, and his sense of humor and insights helping us learn the city and culture here in Cotonou

364. That our Advance team knows how to laugh and does so a lot

365. That a year ago I became friends with these three (Wilco and Lisa you must come back!)


366. Lisa, my amazing and wonderful and beautiful friend. We laugh, we cry, we play and we dream. We are employees of the month.

367. Wilco, in spite of dropping Lisa in the sand, still a fantastic friend with a sense of adventure and expert sandwich making skills.

368. Scott, a good and trusted friend who lives well, laughs well and gives the best damn hugs.

Wilco and Lisa you must come back!
Wilco and Lisa you must come back!

369. Stargazing during a blackout

370. Finally finding the one store in Cotonou that seems to sell the Muesli we all love

371. That even if my room flooded and my bed and clothes were soaked, it was 94 degrees that evening so everything dried in about two hours

372. An afternoon working out of this little office:


373. Finding a grocery store that sells Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

374. A cook at the guesthouse who serves us with a happy heart

375. Seeing prayers answered, and promises fulfilled


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  1. Hey Kristin! Thats me! twice! Even two pictures, the normal and the skinny me 😉 That’s an honour. Are you an advance team member now? Wow! I realy shoul come back, difficult decision 😉

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