1,000 Gifts (376-400)

376. A cool day (since when did 82 degrees become cold?)

377. Morning prayer on the balcony during a thunderstorm

378. Finally being served coffee at a meeting!

379. Moving day…


380. …and our home sweet home…


381. …and our little house pets.


382. Franck and Armelle turning the house into a home

383. Peanut Putter M&M’s sent with the second element

384. That ship life and ship internet has grown my patience a lot…

385. … That I made it through two three hour trips to the bank and never once got upset thanks to afore mentioned lessons in patience.

386. Notes from Dianna, Becky and Karyn

387. Laundry and clean clothes

388. Our agent and their continued support and help and willingness to go above and beyond for us

389. Looking back on an incredible, history making field service in Congo

390. Being reminded just how special and unique Mercy Ships is and how thankful I am to be a part of this organization every time we give a presentation

391. Meeting with Peace Corps and getting to have a meeting in English 🙂

392. Getting photos of the Africa Mercy’s sail out of port


393. The safe arrival of the second element (Hanna, Nicole and Jeremy)

394. Making friends with the police men at the airport while waiting for the second element

395. Good and encouraging words about prayer and right thinking from Joyce Meyer

396. Finding the perfect Chawarma place

397. This Sunday morning peacefulness


398. An afternoon of relaxing care of our agent

399. An automatic generator so rolling blackouts don’t affect us

400. A new dress from Elza 🙂

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