1,000 Gifts (401-425)

401. A perfectly timed note from my beautiful optirealist friend


402. That there is grace on those days where it all falls apart

403. That there is also a lot of belly aching, tears streaming down your face, can’t breath laughter on those days too

404. Sitting with friends under a velvet blue sky and fairy lights


405. Pastor Ernest and his quiet but strong influence and willingness to give up his afternoon for us, as he said, “No, I didn’t offer them a drink yet. I’m busy fighting for them.”

406. The power of prayer and faithful hearts

407. A visa in my passport for 365 days (and a memory and a photo to go with it that will keep me humble and remind me to laugh)

408. Sydney Anne and the blessing she is to everyone she meets… Big things ahead for this beautiful 8 year old!


409. A cook and a cleaner who make coming home at the end of long days a complete joy

410. Augustine’s VIP invitation to the Vision Penetcote 2014 concert/event

411. Getting all dressed up for said event


412. A lovely friend to share this Advance experience with


413. That feeling you get when you finish book and your mind can’t stop thinking about it, even if you’re still trying to decide if you actually liked it or not

414. A dead lizard and lizard poop in the living room, cockroaches in the sink and BIG spiders on the wall that, gross as they all are, remind me to be thankful for screen doors because it could be a lot worse.

415. My Dualingo app so I can learn French on the go 🙂

416. It was a quick trip to the bank this week (although I’m not sure when 45 minutes became “not long at all!”)

417. Finding my new happy place


418. Time together as a team discussing Spiritual Leadership

419. Biore clear pore nose strips

420. Impromptu conversations that stick with you long after they’re over

421. My amazing and supportive donors and prayer team who allow me to keep doing what I love.

422. Mr or Miss Anonymous… thank you.

423. Reminders of Seattle when it only drizzles all day long and that PNW smell of wet trees and sidewalks

424. Watching the Chopped! competition video and knowing Suga Bear and Honey Boo will get to compete again this year…


425. …Which of course means that Lisa is coming back to the AFM and we get to share in another crazy, beautiful adventure again!

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