1,000 Gifts (451-475)

451. Kirstie’s safe arrival to Cotonou and our team is complete now!

452. Wendy’s steady friendship and that when I share my heart she just “gets it”


453. Waking up to an epic rainstorm on Sunday morning

454. Sunday morning coffee in bed and staying in my PJ’s well into the afternoon

455. An encouraging note from Josh Young via Kirstie

456. Air conditioning… even if it gives me goosebumps


457. Impossible prayers answered

458. Knowing the Summer Gateway was praying for the Advance Team on an important day

459. Getting to Skype with Andrew for a few minutes and see the ship’s view from Dry Dock

460. My contacts at Moov and the relationships being built there, and their growing support and enthusiasm for Mercy Ships

461. Conversations that cause me to think about the male leaders in our ship community and be thankful for them

462. That I can still feed my Diet Coke and Twix addiction


463. Finding a place with artwork that feeds my soul


464. The patience of leaders and the example they set

465. The mattress is finally broken in and sleep comes much easier now

466. Speaking of sleep, it’s been almost a whole month with no nightmares 🙂

467. Dualingo’s accuracy in teaching me French


468. Hilarious text messages that obviously are the result of a Google Translate fail

469. Introducing new friends to the truly wonderful movie, So I Married an Axe Murderer

470. Capturing memorable moments in my own way


471. That ants in my food doesn’t bother me anymore, I’ve learned to eat around them or just not look while I’m eating

472. Spending time in Daslin’s home and hearing birds chirping outside on a perfect afternoon

473. Being able to find small jobs to do while I was stuck in my own objectives

474. Open communication and transparency in our team

475. Stumbling into a little bit of California


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  1. I so enjoy reading what you are doing, Love you so much…Just wished I could help more….My friends here and I have made 31 blankets for your ship…How do we get them there: Address and so forth. Write when you can. Love and hygs. Grandma

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