1,000 Gifts (476-500)

476. Chocolate from Texas in our test envelop (thank you Curtis!)


477. Two contracts signed, sealed and delivered…

478. Which mean two big check marks on my “To Do” wall

479. The most epic 33km road trip complete with broken down cars (twice), crepe stops, being pulled over by the police, a 90 minute wait for dinner and a plate of free desserts because of the wait and a whole lot of laughter and jokes in between 🙂

480. Finally finding the best coffee Cotonou

481. Discovering Bab’s Dock and having the whole place to ourselves

20140630-214457-78297264.jpg 20140630-214458-78298091.jpg

482. Wonderful news from back home that my beautiful cousin is becoming a beautiful mother!

483. $5 donations that bless, support and mean the world to me

484. Plane tickets home for holiday in November

485. Seeing God come through in yet another impossible situation

486. Finding, according to Harmen, the best pizza in the world


487. A lovely chat with Hanna over coffee and mango cake

488. Meeting Brook, an expat who I’ve decided will be my new friend

489. That things are starting to get real


490. Good conversations and laughs with Kirstie and many more to come


491. A wall of encouragement that makes me smile each morning and night


492. Philip always washing the dishes after dinner

493. Working with honest businessmen who tell the truth even if it means they risk losing the sale

494. Being invited into an official’s home and his hospitality and support

495. Team celebrations for milestones and tasks accomplished

496. The rush you get when you realize you are taking a risk…

497. …And the sweet feeling you get when it all works out just fine.

498. A new contact who’s faith and insight is very thought provoking… In a very good way

499. Sharing bellyache laughs with Lisa even if she is half a world away

500. This beautiful moment from December that reminds me friends are the family you choose


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