Five Minute Friday – Exhale.

Today’s prompt is EXHALE:


When I was little I played that game where you hold your breath when you go through a tunnel. It’s easy at first but then your cheeks start to hurt, you tap your toes or stamp your feet (because somehow expending more energy makes sense).And then finally you make it out of the tunnel and you exhale. It comes in a big beautiful wave and then you breathe again and move on.

The longer tunnels were the hardest because you didn’t always know how long until you could breath again. And sometimes you couldn’t see the speck of light at the end. And it really wasn’t that long but you felt like you were dying but pride kept you going. Those where the exhales of freedom.

I’ve been working through some deep heart issues while I’ve been with Mercy Ships and I didn’t realize until recently how I’ve been holding my breathe for years, straining and fighting against the tunnel just hoping to pass through into the light.

But I finally exhaled.

And it was just like when I was a kid… I felt light, proud, and free. It was one of the most important breaths of my life and my friends… It. Was. Stunning.


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  1. When I saw the thumbnail on LIsa-Jo’s site – I knew this was about the tunnel game. Loved it as a kid and think you tied this up beautifully in your post with real life and finding your way to the Light. Stopping by from FMF.

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