1,000 Gifts (501-525)

501. That each day is a good and perfect gift.

502. That I had the chance to meet pastor Augustine and see just a tiny bit of his big heart for God

503. The impact one man has had across borders and continents

504. Construction started on both the HOPE and Dental sites!

505. Dan in Real Life and a night to just be

506. A lovely Sunday morning chat with Harmen and Andrea

507. After living under a rock for a year, hearing new music (“Bonfire Heart“)

508. My new favorite treat! (How have I missed this – three of my favorite things combined!)

509. Waking up at 6:15am then realizing it’s the weekend so I can roll over and go back to sleep

510. No alarm clocks on the weekend 🙂

511. Kirstie’s challenge for us to dream big for Benin

512. The kindness of strangers when the car stalled


513. Feeling the beat of a drum, hearing the praise of beautiful people and dancing with my little advance family

514. Being reminded of the full and big life of Justin

515. A late night Fan Ice scavenger hunt with Kirstie. We may not have found any but we certainly made the security guard’s night!

516. We are less than two months away from the ship’s arrival… Which means less than two months until I see some of the faces that I love

517. And also less than two months left of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bumpy road

518. Another Thai food team dinner

519. Comfy shoes and being confident enough to enjoy being odd man out 🙂


520. The Joneses and the Stulls who continue to be a beautiful and strong support even when thousands of miles and an ocean away. Love you!

521. Conversations that spark theological ponderings and bigger discussions

522. People who are willing to engage in afore mentioned discussions

523. That I have grown up enough that I’m not afraid to ask for help

524. A long bus ride with a cute baby on my lap

525. That no matter where I am in this world, this life is full of beauty and wonder and simple joys

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