1,000 Gifts (526-550)

526. That persistence and a smile can make a very strong point

527. Philip’s willingness to drive all over town so I could find the ridiculously specific folder that the MoFA requested

528. My security guard friend at Moov and the laughs we share at the expense of my broken French

529. That rainy season brings growth


530. Mirabelle’s laugh

531. Sitting on the rooftop of great restaurant eating mozzarella sticks for the first time in over year while sharing my heart with a new and lovely friend

532. Doing something normal like grocery shopping on a Thursday night

533. Toner. And remembering what a really true clean face feels like!

534. Singing in the car with Kirstie to pass the time on our three hour drive home

535. My fantastic translator, Roguy, and the good conversations we have in between meetings.

536. This great piece of news about Ethan Chandra!

537. Getting to see Wendy’s wedding day photos

538. A sweet friend at the IOC willing to help me out 🙂

539. Sunday morning with Mirabelle, I think she’s about as much a morning person as I am so we just sat together not talking. Perfection.


540. Beautiful sunsets on road trips

542. Words of truth spoken over me

543. The way the ocean relentlessly pursues the shore


544. Realizing I’ve grown up enough that I don’t always have to be right or know everything

545. The feeling of sand between my toes

546. Drinking coconut water out of a coconut while sitting in a little part of paradise

547. Brock Steele!


548. “And if our God is with us than what can stand against”

549. Finally getting a meeting with the airport director and it was worth the wait

550. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bumpy road has been paved!!!

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