1,000 Gifts (576-600)

576. After six weeks we finally got the cars!


577. Harmen, Hanna and Philip putting the logo on the first vehicle


578. Andrea and her patient and strong leadership

579. Nicole always doing the laundry even when it’s rainy

580. A few moments of real and honest conversation and prayer with Kirstie

581. Multiple conversations over the weekend that gave energy and refreshed my mind and soul

582. Skype actually worked and I got to see these precious faces


583. “Cabin sitting” while Kirstie is upcountry and having space to be

584. Francois at Toyota and his helpfulness

585. Hanna, whether it’s visiting the HOPE and Dental sites or walking to the beach with her, I just enjoy her positive attitude and joyful spirit


586. Good smells from the kitchen

587. Finding a place to get a good haircut and style

588. A new canvas and paint and the space to be creative


589. Finding a restaurant that delivers Chawarmas so we didn’t have to go out in the rain

590. Creating a new outfit with the tailor for Arrival Day (four weeks!)

591. Coffee and conversation with Roguy

592. Catching a stoic businessman smile in the middle of negotiations when he thought no one was looking

593. All 275 documents are signed and stamped so we can get license plates for the rest of the cars


594. Almost 12 hours of sleep one night

595. That this is the result of breathing deep and letting my heart paint


596. Sharing a favorite meditation/prayer exercise with the team

597. Meredith’s words years ago that are still tried and true, “Relax. Rely. Be still.”

598. Hearing Amy and Ally’s voice!

599. Friends and family who know just the right way to pray and believe for me

600. That I never stop learning more about myself, never stop learning humility and grace and never stop learning how to love better

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