1,000 Gifts (601-625)

601. Selection Day posters are printed and being handed out


602. Learning to drive a manual

603. Harmen’s patience while I was driving

604. Learning to make Bissap with Armelle


605. An afternoon spent with Armelle and looking forward to working with her during the field service 🙂

606. A beautiful and thoughtful gift from my contact at Moov


607.  VIP at the Independence Day parade (which has ruined all other parades for me from here on out… including Disneyland)


608. Laughing with Katie from miles away and Jordan finally getting a Facebook account

609. Being able to give the gift of Skype to my teammate

610. My Monday morning wake up


611. That Hanna captured some hilarious moments on video

612. That I was able to present Mercy Ships to a large portion of the airport staff

613. The team that went upcountry came back safe and sound

614. The continued support of Immigrations and Commissioner Latifou far exceeds my expectations each time.

615. First round of Visa Waivers are set to go for arriving crew!

616. Origami napkin fun


617. Toilet seat covers… If you’ve lived in Africa, or in other developing nations, you know how glorious this is to find a public restroom!

618. Being there for the dedication of Roguy’s son

619. Roguy’s 4 year old daughter teaching me how to say the colors in French

620. My new friend at BarBar Restaurant who gives me free treats

621. That Jeremy has a good attitude about it when he finds out I tricked him

622. Conversations and belly ache laughs with Hanna, Jeremy and Philip

623. Returning after two days and the necklace I really, really wanted was still there

624. Philip bargaining for me so I didn’t have to pay the Yovo price for said necklace 🙂

625. That my God is big and good.

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