1,000 Gifts (626-650)

626. The tell tale signs of a windstorm and then hearing rain pummel the roof and patio

627. Making friends with the Security woman at EcoBank and hearing her laugh and seeing her beam when I remembered her name

628. Certain-Dri (seriously this stuff is a must have for hades like climates!)

628. Solomon giving me a ride on his moto to Azalai Hotel so I could get a lovely cup of joe (and yes I did almost cry it was so good)


629. That there is a lot, a lot of abstract and modern art in Cotonou for me to get lost in.

630. Free mini croissants with my coffee

631. That getting locked/stuck in a bathroom can really lighten the mood and provide some much needed laughter

632. That it’s ok to be disappointed and it’s ok to say it

633. The example Abraham set for boldly interceding on behalf of a people (Genesis 18)

634. That if anything our dreams for Benin have gotten bigger


635. Armelle’s tailor is actually an artist

636. The gift of material for a new dress


637. Rainy season is finally over!

638. A very intentional time of prayer and worship with our team

639. A good obstacle to work through and deconstruct

640. That my dad taught me years ago to look at challenges in life as GAOGs – God Appointed Opportunity for Growth

641. Waking up to a sunrise


642. Going to meetings with Gabin and Evelyne from MSC

643. Brennan Manning and his wise and insightful words

644. A dinner with Pastor Nazir and copious amounts of food!


645. A perfect Thursday night with Kirstie

646. A rather hilarious and random conversation on the way home from team dinner and laughs so good my side ached

647. This gem I stumbled across


648. Rend Collective

649. An hour spent in stillness and peace and prayer


650. You said, “Pray and I’ll hear from Heaven and I’ll heal your land”

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