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  1. I was on MS in 2012 = know Roguy and Kirstie. In your photo I see two IBCs (International Bulk Conainters!) IS this site for the Hope Center? If so, do you know about Aquaponics? Cut those IBC’s in half, the bottom half is for raising tilapia, the top half is flipped over, put on boards, and put small pebbles in it and raise vegetables (green leaves, tomatoes, onions, amazing lettuce is a favorite of aquaponic growers). You can hand circulate the water or use pond pumps so the fish excrement feeds the vegies. YWAM is building these around the world.. huge Aquaponics Movement around the globe. I am in Zambia and it’s difficult to find IBC’s. Respond if you want some links on how to feed the Hope Center folks with Aquaponics.

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