1,000 Gifts (651-675)

651. The encouraging words of Dianna Cash

652. Advance team selfies


653. The Dental Clinic is finished!

654. Waking up to Amy’s incredibly poignant and motivating e-mail

655. That because of the delay Lisa will be on the ship when it arrives in Port!

656. The Transparency Project

657. A relaxed night at the beach

658. The leadership of Mercy Ships

659. Driving through town and seeing so many friends waving on from the side of the road

660. A day working with Philip and laughing

661. A good, long cry

662. Harmen always offering to make coffee

663. Ally from La Plancha who always stops to make sure everything is ok

664. A divine appointment full of beauty and encouragement.

665. Our security guard who walked Kirstie and I to the car and said, “take courage and go to the promised land.”

666. That there is always a solution to a problem if you look hard enough

667. Short accounts and honesty

668. Skype with Lisa


669. Die Hard makes any day a little better

670. Catharine’s advice to go enjoy a sunset


671. A lunch with Andrea at Hotel du Lac

672. New painting from my artist friend


673. The beauty of wandering through a craft market

674. The generous gift of an afternoon at a spa

675. Gabin saying to me, “You’re Beninoise now.”

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