1,000 Gifts (676-700)


The beautiful people I’ve met so far that have made this time of preparation a complete joy:

676. Roguy – my translator who became my friend who became my brother. One of the most humble and anointed men I know.

677. Gabin – the many meetings he went to and letters he helped write and his patience in diligently teaching me everything I need to know about Benin customs, maybe I’ll work for MSC after my time with Mercy Ships 😉

678. Evelyne – her joyful spirit and unwavering faith, she is a fierce businesswoman and a sweet woman of God

679. Rhonel – a quiet businessman who is just as thoughtful as he is smart

680. Latifou – my favorite guy at Immigrations, he always says, “No, problem. Don’t worry.” And you know what? He’s always right

681. Dennis – always willing to help and offer connections and discounts at his businesses and spas

682. Richard – pretty much the most popular guy in Cotonou, our beloved taxi driver and honorary member of the team

683. Ally, and all the other Lebanese guys – Always friendly and stop to chat and give free desserts 🙂

684. Tierez – the ever friendly security guard at EcoBank who now lets me skip the line to get my visitor badge

685. Idayatoulaye – A stylish and strong, confident, efficient account manager with a killer smile

686. Felix – the stoic businessman who finally cracked a smile at EcoBank and who said he can’t speak English… I think I won him over because we talk in English now

687. Francois – the very supportive managing director at Toyota who expedites everything for us and helps in any way he can

688. The guys at customs – they make the trips up the seven flights of stairs worth it

689. Solomon – always with a smile on his face and ready to give a Motobike ride anytime

690. Valerie – a strong businesswoman with a bright, joyful spirit and a one very adorable daughter

691. Giuliano – I don’t think ever met a businessman with so many smile wrinkles

692. Wilfred – a man of vision and a good steward of his resources, also a great support to our team, going with us to meetings and organizing presentations.

693. Augustin – a humble and incredible man who has had an impact here in Benin and beyond and it was a blessing to be able to meet him before he passed away.

694. Daslin – the Mercy Ships representative for Benin and a truly one of of a kind woman who has some incredibly deep insights and a bold servant’s heart

695. Giselle – the sweet secretary at MSC who is always stylish and professional and very patient with my French

696. The guy on the side of the road – he’s just a part of our daily routine same as the little girl and mom at the fruit stand and the boy at the mechanic shop

697. Franck Armel – The protocol officer who helped process the BE documents to get our cars and license plates quickly

698. Commissioner Segbo – the youngest commissioner in Benin and probably the one with the best laugh too

699. Enoc – he picked us up from the airport when we arrived and he has been apart of our team ever since

700. Jeanne – a woman from Inner Wheel passionately working towards building a free clinic for women with VVF


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