1,000 Gifts (701-725)

701. A trip to Ouidah and walking the slave route


702. Touring the CBSP sites with Hanna and just how perfect they are!

703. Kirstie and Nicole arrived back to the ship safely

704. That if you get thirsty you can always just pull over and get real coconut water for about 200 CFA

705. A rainstorm for Katie… Just in the wrong country


706. Skyping with Ally and getting to see some lovely faces (Rueben, Mirjam, Amy, Derek and Rose)


707. Even if it breaks my heart, one decision was made, now we wait to know what’s next

708. Taking a Cuban Salsa dance lesson to do something fun on the day the ship was supposed to arrive

709. That though it’s hard, everyone here understands the decision to postpone our field service in Benin

710. Four contracts suspended with no penalties and high hopes to resume partnerships when we are able to return

711. Worshipping with the Day Crew one last time


712. A sweet old man who thought I was Russian so he turned on Russian music for at Boss Stop

713. Seeing Serenty off via WhatsApp videos. This girl is going to do do something big, just wait and see.


714. Meeting Serenty almost one year ago, what a beloved part of our gateway family she is!


715. That Katie keeps me in the loop and delivers WhatsApp video messages for me

716. Lunch with Valerie (she’s number 690)

717. Roguy’s church and the beautiful community it is

718. Dinner with Commissioner Latifou and hearing a little more of his story (number 680)

719. Jeremiah, Amy, James and Scott being my secret ops agents to surprise Lisa and welcome her back to the ship well

720. Wandering and shopping at the craft market with Andrea

720. Finding a little bottlecap treasure that made me smile


721. Encouraging messages from friends on the ship

722. Hearing how a friend is seeing many, many answers to his prayers

723. That said friend is always ready and willing to listen, offer encouragement, give insight and remind me to breathe.

724. BBC top ten daily news stories so I don’t always feel like I’m living under a rock

725. Dinner with Mr. Wilfred and his wife (number 692)

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