1,000 Gifts (726-750)

726. That John Wall is a really great boss to have back on the ship; supportive of my Advance job this whole time and flexible and understanding of the new developments

727. That since I’m not there, Ib has stepped up and been a big help in running the ship shop and cafe over the summer and now into the fall

728. Spending time at the studio with Roguy


729. That Hanna left her helmet for us to use

730. That 10 minutes on a Zemejan can be so peaceful

731. A sweet message from the AFM crew and happy tears


732. And a sweet message from Kirstie and Nicole (the chicken is coming to Country Next!)

733. Hanna made is safely back to Holland for a couple weeks of rest

734. Discovering the Amazing Race and Survivor DVDs from Susan Parker now my nights won’t be so quiet and lonely

735. Harmen and Andrea safe arrival in South Africa for a well deserved weekend of rest

736. These faces on an afternoon when I felt alone


737. If you’re creative enough you can find S’more fixins anywhere


738. This daily reminder


739. Leftover Thai food

740. Philip made it onto his flight!

741. That I can be of help to the AFM Communications team

742. Local food: rice, cheese plantains and lots of pepper!


743. Amy Jones checking in on me

744. Aad’s support and insight as I learn how to ship containers and cars

745. The support of the local police for extra patrols on what was to be Selection Day

746. Banners are up for the canceled Selection Day

747. Business cards collected and organized for the next Benin Advance team


748. Dinner with the airport director at one of the nicest restaurants in Cotonou and very happy taste buds

749. This little cutie I get to call my niece


750. It’s less than two weeks until the Advance team is reunited 🙂

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  1. Keep up the good work KJ! Your transition from Starbucks barista to advance team coordinator is so awesome to watch! I’m so glad to have met you and to follow your adventures. You can take the girl off the ship, but you can’t take the ship from her heart! I miss you all. 💙

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