1,000 Gifts (776-800)

776. That Starbucks prepared me to deal with ambiguity well

777. In spite of power failures, internet outages and time zones my flight was successfully changed to Monday

778. Now, it’s only one day until the Advance team is back together!

779. The last Thai dinner


780. A room at the SIM guesthouse for my last days in Benin, which is right where we started back in May.

781. Three perfectly renovated sites

782. And three handover ceremonies and the honor of seeing and hearing just how much a blessing these buildings are to the clinics


783. Finally getting my very own security guard / purse holder (and yes it was everything I dreamed it would be!)


784. Evelyne driving me home after our last meeting and getting to hear her story of redemption

785. Kirstie calling to check on me

786. A video message from Scott and Lisa that made my heart very happy and full


787. Missy’s perfectly timed e-mail

788. Knowing that even if I feel like I’m failing, I’m really not.

789. Gabin and Evelyne who put in so much extra time and energy to help get the cars ready to ship, including Gabin missing his own birthday dinner

790. Rob and Curtis’s continued support with shipping the vehicles and patience with time zones and Customs delays

791. That people around the world were praying for the shipping work to be finished by Friday

792. That God still had one big mighty for Benin Advance


793. Solomon, Pierre, Jeremy, the cook and the cleaner all helping to secure the spare parts in the back of the land cruisers for shipment

794. That my airport contacts love me and gave me a last minute authorization to go beyond security points to help the rest of the team leaving

795. One last adventure and a trip to Porto Novo


796. Being on my own without a translator forced me to use my french and I’m not so bad as I thought 🙂

797. But that Eliphaz was there to help when I realized my French still isn’t that great

798. Roguy’s willingness to get before the sun and drive me to the airport

799. Personal security from the head of EAS security company at the airport and a goodbye visit from the Airport Director at the boarding terminal

800. Someone finally gets it

3 thoughts on “1,000 Gifts (776-800)

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  1. so proud of all you have done. and where you are going.in life. Take care and enjoy each and every day and new thing you do. Love you Grandma

  2. Ok. It’s official. You have inspired our little family to start our own “1000 gifts” list. Probably won’t make it a blog, but know you are part of it. Thank you again for inspiring my girls! ♡

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