Hello Tana! (The Photo Tour)

Of course everyone is dying to know what Madagascar really looks like…

…Me too! I’ve been here a grand total of three days and it has been nonstop 15+ hour days. And since the back of a taxi is basically my office now I haven’t really seen all that much.


But I remembered to look up a few times to take in this new city and while it’s not exactly the Africa I’m used to, it has a unique beauty that I know I will come to love just as much as West Africa. (And it smells good… Like really good… I forgot just how lovely flowers are!)


So without further ado, some snapshots of Antananarivo from my office vantage points:

View from guesthouse/office/restaurant


View from Customs offices


View from Ministry of Labor


View from the Airport office


View from the taxi to the airport


View from warehouse/shipping district


View from Ministry of Foreign Affaires


Another taxi view



Sometime next week I’ll finally make the eight hour road trip to Tamatave and begin working with Customs, agents, port Immigrations, cellular providers and the bank so keep an eye out for the next installment of Madagascar Office Views!


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