1,000 Gifts (801-825)

801. The man waiting for me with the little sign with my name on it at the Johannesburg airport

802. That my airport “shuttle” was actually a sexy black Mercedes

803. A cappuccino to make this Seattle girl very very happy


804. That God knows I like nice things and blessed me with a night of little luxuries

805. Fresh air, blue sky, and green grass


806. Safe arrival in Tana, Madagascar


807. Restful sleep each night and energy for each long day

808. Having contacts who speak english so I can go to some meetings on my own

809. A pharmacy open late so I could buy a toothbrush

810. Fried eggs and café con leche leche

811. Hot water and Tribute Blend Via


812. No more ants in my food 🙂

813. Tana City Church and worshiping in English

814. A sweet gift from Hanna waiting for me

815. A successful airport briefing with all department heads

816. That when I started to have a melt down in the mini market I realized quick enough that it wasn’t about instant coffee packs but transition and was able to take a step back and readjust

817. Philip’s patience and kindness with me while I had said meltdown in mini market

818. A conversation with an aid worker from Darfur and all those who are still working so hard for peace in Sudan

819. Breaky on the patio with Krissy and Andrea


820. So many contacts in Tana that are willing to set up meetings for me in Tamatave

821. Good conversation with the assessment team

822. The lovely ladies who cook and clean for us while we stay at the Tana Jacaranda Guesthouse

823. White board messages and notes from friends on the ship

824. This gem from my beautiful friend Dianna:

It’s not always an easy place – there’s waiting as you are expectant. Sometimes we aren’t the best at waiting…but without the waiting there would be no room for being expectant….no room for the Holy Twinkling Love to say “just hang in there…I’ve got something AMAZING heading your way.” “Be patient…it’s coming.” “In just the right time, all will be revealed….”

825. That once again it’s all starting to come together


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