1,000 Gifts (826-850)

826. Skype messages from the one and only and most lovely Tami Fenno!!

827. The road trip to Tamatave… Good conversation, good laughs and good food.


828. Mountain roads and scenery


829. Malagasy Karaoke

830. Dinner with Eliphaz and Philip and our waiter who taught us a little Malagasy

831. Tana and Tamatave Airport are checked off the list

832. Taking Andrea on her first PousPous ride and the laughter that came with it

833. Even more police contacts that are extremely supportive and even offered personal security

834. All the notes and sweets from people on the ship!


835. A productive meeting with Immigrations

836. Team dinner for the first time since Benin and of course the big laughs

837. A relaxed Saturday breakfast

838. The super amazing amounts of energy and strength to go full speed each day and the sneaky prayers of friends

839. Facebook messenger and getting to chat with friends and stay connected

840. That the AFM crew is enjoying adventures in South Africa and there are amazing hospital tours happening

841. The almost princess bed at the hotel in Tamatave

842. Pretty little palm trees


843. Culina Restaurant and free wifi

844. That being a city where the major mode of transport are TucTucs and PousPous reminds you to slow down and take a look around

845. That no matter where in the world you are if you are with Mercy Shippers you will get a proper send off

846. Celebrating Mirabelle

847. The first Air Madagascar test was a success and Andrea and I arrived in Tana safely (even if we were sitting backwards)


848. The safe arrival of Ruben, Mirjam, Jasmin and Erica

849. Real whole bean fresh ground coffee that made me almost speechless

850. All 27 vehicles registered.

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