1,000 Gifts (876 – 900)

876. Yet again, prayer and a red dress are a killer combo for making things happen

877. That moment when the immigrations process works out exactly as planned

878. A contract with Orange and 78 pretty little SIMs


879. A contract signed for the CBSP team house

880. Temp admission tracked down and in my hands after visiting seven different offices

881. Pastor Patrick and his connections

882. Birthday dinner with Eliphaz and finding Ali in a magazine


883. The ship is sailing! Like is actually on it’s way here!

884. Dinner and conversation with Ruben

885. Discovering a great little restaurant with a burger any and all Americans will be happy with (and yes that is bacon)


886. Finding the best ice cream in Tamatave

887. Irene at Hotel jacaranda and her big smile and warm welcome each time we return

888. Another safe flight back to Tana

889. Dinner at Hotel Colbert and an amazing Vanilla Creme Brûlée!

890. Another Sunday morning at Tana City church and the much needed refreshment it was

891. THB conversations

892. Rija, our beloved Tana taxi driver who greets us at the airport with an even bigger smile than Irene

893. The phone call to say the visa process just got a whole lot nicer

894. Balcony conversations with Andrea

895. Pierre arrived safely and brought chocolate!


896. The faithfulness of God to provide even more than he promised

897. Long messages from friends that make my heart happy

898. Jérôme from Bolloré and his kindness and willingness to set up meetings for me and explain the Madagascar customs

899. Two press conferences to get clear information out about Mercy Ships and our mission

900. Florence at Ministry of Foreign Affaires, a kindred spirit when it comes to creatively getting things done without stepping out of line

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